The story has a simple beginning:

A quest for a healthy alternative to energy drinks, coffee and other harmful products.  We were students at the time, constantly burning the candle at both ends, trying to keep up with the demands of life and studies.  Late night study session?  Not before running to Maverik for an energy drink in a tall can.  Finals week and there's a 2 for 1 special on energy drinks?  We'll take six.  Soda (or pop, as we called it back home), was consumed as much as water.  At some point, we realized we were feeling terrible.  The caffeine was keeping us going, but the other ingredients were messing with our bodies and worse, our heads.  We started reading about the long-term affects of some of the ingredients we were consuming; it was bad news.  

And so Rogue was born with the goal of keeping the products and ingredients simple while providing a boost of energy and enhanced focus.  

We're thrilled with what we've created and think you will be too.