What is Rogue Cocoa?
ROGUE COCOA, The Original Caffeinated Hot Chocolate!!! Rogue Cocoa is a delicious blend of cocoa with added caffeine for increased focus and energy! Made without coffee, tea, or excessive sugar, it is a healthy, less expensive alternative to fuel your daily life and adventures.

How much Caffeine is in a serving of Rogue Cocoa? 
ROGUE COCOA, has 100mg of caffeine per serving making this a great replacement for coffee. 



How do you guys ship?
We ship via USPS 2-3 First Class Mail or Priority depending on address, weight and amount of order. We strive to deliver your order as quickly as possible and remember all orders ship FREE Always! 

I haven't received my order what do i do?
Please send us an email to care@trulyrogue.com and we will research your order along with any shipping updates that my occur while your order is in transit, many times your will be delivered to your mailbox or left in a safe place around your house. 

Do you ship international?
Currently we only ship to the continental United States. We will announce if any future countries are added to our website.